Stump Grinding & Excavation Service

If you have removed a tree from your property, you will notice that the tree stump and roots that are left behind can be very unattractive and even become a physical hazard to the occupants of your household or commercial facility. It can also attract many unwanted pests and insects to your property. If you require a stump to removed from your property, you can contact the stump grinding and excavation professionals at Affordable Landscape and Tree Service to assist you. We possess the experience and utilize modern machinery to ensure that the stump removal project is achieved in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

We utilize a stump grinder machine, which will precisely grind your stump into small wood shavings. We will not only remove the section of the stump that is above ground and visible, we will also grind to a depth of approximately 14-16 inches in order to entirely excavate the stump down to it's roots. Once the stump grinding is completed, we will fill the hole up and haul away any remaining debris. We are also capable of covering the area with grass or planting a new tree in its place.

Tree, Wood, and Brush Chipping Services

Affordable Landscape and Tree Service understands that a tree removal project is not complete until all of the remaining tree components and debris are cleaned up and hauled away from your property. We utilize a modern wood chipping machine that is capable of reducing your tree branches and brush into shavings, which can either be hauled away or used as mulch for your gardens, bushes, and trees of your landscape.

If you have a tree that has been damaged by a storm, is diseased, or if you simply need it removed for aesthetic purposes , our wood chipping services will make the tree removal process much more efficient and affordable. If you are in need of any brush chipping then contact us today for a free estimate.